Trevada Music

I have been teaching privately from Trevada Music, Camborne since 2011 after graduating from University. Trevada Music was established back in 1984 by Leonard Adams who felt a need for a Music shop where local bands and musicians could buy their instruments and accessories plus receive advice, maintenance and repairs. The shop has been running successfully for 34 years through this dedication of providing such a high level of service. Above the shop are music rooms to try out instruments or receive private lessons from Me (Drums), Darren Richards (Guitar) and Katherine Davies (Woodwind).



Lessons are completely bespoke to the individual. I have always been a big believer that one mould doesn’t fit all so the first few sessions are designed to find the best route for efficient learning.

Here are a few areas which are covered here at Trevada but in a general sense we cover it all.

  • Techinique
  • Rudiments
  • Sightreading
  • Graded Studies (Trinity Guildhall & Rock school)
  • All Genres covered from Pop to Jazz


Trevada Music have provided me with an air conditioned/ heated, semi sound proofed drum room to teach from. There are two full acoustic drum kits for interactive learning.



The drum lessons cost £11.25 for a 30 minute session or £22.50 for a 60 minute session. You can either pay cash in hand weekly or set up a standing order.


If you are unable to attend due to other comittments please allow 24 hours notice before your lesson is booked otherwise I will have to charge for the lesson slot.

If your cancelation is because of an emergency or illness I will let you off as I’m such a nice guy!


Skype lessons will be available soon so if you are long distance please get in touch and we can arrange something.